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Tracy Morse from Images Inc

As President & CEO of Images, Inc., Tracy Morse is a trailblazing business owner that helped transform strategic communications and public outreach in the infrastructure industry. Tracy built Images, Inc., to assist clients in strengthening their image and telling their story from beginning to end. She assembled a team of transportation and communications experts to bring that vision to life.

Q&A with Tracy

What is the favorite thing about your career?

Every day brings something different – a new challenge, a new accomplishment, a new opportunity to make a difference. I love that we have a top-notch team at Images, Inc. that faces new challenges each and every day and time and again rises to do whatever is necessary to get the job done – and to do it well. From working with media to utilizing the latest technology to drive home messaging, we are passionate about what we do, and we have a good time along the way. One thing is certain: it is never boring.

What is the most interesting or unique fact about you?

I was a competitive speed skater. Now, I bet you’re thinking “roller derby”. That is usually the response I get- with a chuckle. To be clear, it’s not. It’s very similar to speed ice skating, but in a roller rink and different uniforms. It was a real thing and I worked hard at it. I competed throughout Illinois and in other states, winning regional and national competitions. At the time, the Olympic Committee was considering adding it to the Games and I dreamed of competing in the Olympics. Ultimately the committee didn’t add the sport – but I still maintain it should!

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

A business owner. It is incredible when I look back on it now, but when I was around 6 years old I would set up a pretend store with products from my house and use my toy cash register, sales slips and accounting book to record “purchased” items from my neighbors. When I was 7, I started a real business selling items from a home merchandise catalog door-to-door. It was a real operation – I handled the sales, tracking, submission to the company, delivery and accounting. I was paid a commission for each item I sold. I kept it up for two years!

What would you sing at Karaoke night?

Perfect by Pink

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