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Beth Conley of Superior Asphalt Materials

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

This quarter, Beth Conley of Superior Asphalt Materials has been chosen as our WRB Spotlight. If you would like to nominate a woman in the industry, click here.

Beth Conley is Sales Manager for Superior Asphalt Materials, a subsidiary of Geneva Construction. Her passion for networking and connecting with women in the industry led her to co-found Women Road Builders.

Q&A with Beth

How did you get into the road building industry?

On accident…lol. I went to school for Political Science and fully intended to follow my parents into a career in the federal government. I started with a concrete company in 1996 and was pulled in with both feet. I never looked back.

What is the favorite thing about your career?

The people are my favorite part. I’ve met my best friends in this industry. My customers are my friends, my coworkers are my family, and everyday I meet someone new.

What is your favorite game or sport to watch or play?

Hands down golf. Anyone want to go out? Have clubs will travel. 😊

What is your favorite holiday?

Halloween has slowly become my favorite holiday. We put up a Halloween Tree with ornaments and kid decorations. Its great! (Christmas is so hectic, because all three of my kids were born in December. It used to be my favorite.)

What is one of your largest professional achievements?

One of my greatest achievements is the formation of Women Road Builders. It is wonderful to connect with other women in an industry I’m passionate about. We are here to support and promote women.

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